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Irish rapid food chain Supermac’s is coming to London

Popular Irish fast food chain Supermac’s has showed it’s going to open its debut London region.

Supermac’s already operates extra than 100 web sites throughout Ireland, serving the same old fast-casual repertoire of burgers, chips and shakes. Now, it has found out plans to bring the emblem to England, with London being earmarked for the primary vicinity. The debut web page inside the capital must be open within the next yr.

In a latest interview with the Irish Independent, the managing director of Supermac’s Ireland Ltd Pat McDonagh mentioned the business enterprise’s plans for worldwide expansion: “We are concentrated on the UK first and mainly London and the greater London place, as there is a big Irish market over there.”

Very few details had been discovered approximately the debut London vicinity so far, however it’s possibly that the menu could be comparable, if now not same, to that of the existing Supermac’s websites. The announcement comes after Supermac’s celebrated a landmark EU victory over McDonald’s and using the ‘Mc’ trademark. A ruling by means of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) dominated that McDonald’s may want to best very own the prefix ‘Mc’ on hen nuggets and single sandwiches. It is the trendy in an extended-running criminal feud among the two groups, with McDonagh formerly referring to the short meals massive as ‘McBully’.

Supermac’s is first-class recognised for its Mighty Mac burger (which capabilities pork patties) and its style of dressed fries, with indulgent toppings which includes the likes of garlic sauce and cheese, curry sauce and a mound of taco mince crowned with grated cheddar cheese. The takeaway additionally offers crammed ‘sub’ sandwiches, buckets of fried fowl and desserts such as cookies and ice cream sundaes.

Despite seeming like a mash up of pretty a great deal every other fast meals joint accessible, Supermac’s is precise in that it serves fried breakfasts (as opposed to the takeaway-style breakfasts served at chains inclusive of McDonald’s). As well as serving stuffed breakfast baguettes, the chain also dishes out fry u.S.A.And slices of buttered toast.
Supermac’s become founded via McDonagh, then a Galway businessman, in 1978 and is now the largest Irish-owned speedy food eating place firm in the Republic of Ireland.
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