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Julianne Hough Is Our Instagram Queen Of The Week

From covering ‘Women’s Health’ to going on an African safari, Julianne Hough had no shortage of first-rate social media moments… so we named her Instagram Queen of the Week!

As a way as weeks move, Julianne Hough had a quite top-notch one. The Dancing With The Stars alum, 31, went on a safari in Tanzania with husband Brooks Laich, goofed around with brother Derek Hough, and bared it all on the cover of Women’s Health. After all that, it’d sincerely be a form of merciless to now not call her our Instagram Queen of the Week!

Julianne commenced off the week at the TAASA Lodge bordering the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. She and her husband got to witness lions, cheetahs, leopards and different wild animals of their herbal habitat. She shared some of the suitable snapshots she took of the massive cats to Instagram, captioning the publish, “Literally felt like we were creating a cameo in The Lion King… however, it was real existence!! Such a humbling and magical revel in being able to have a look at those stunning animals up near in their natural environments.”

America’s Got Talent to decide later shared a sweet snap of her and her hubby smiling and preserving fingers on their safari. “Everyday is a wild adventure with you, all the usaand downs and the in-betweens are what make lifestyles interesting! Thank you for being my finest assignment in existence, aka why I married you!” she captioned the photo.

Later inside the week, Julianne spent some great time with her brother, Derek. In a video shared to her account, Derek held the camera and panned it around to his sister who becomes carrying a face mask and goofing round in her sports bra. “Let’s petition for @DerekHough to be a guest decide on @agt next season! Honestly, we’d just goof off the complete time and do bizarre such things as this…” she captioned the clip.

But obviously, the pièce de résistance turned into Julianne’s Women’s Health cover. She posed nude for all of the top-notch pics in the shoot. Julianne shared the duvet on Instagram, which showed her leaping joyfully in water with none clothes. Gorgeous! Head up to the gallery above to look even extra of her most up to date photographs of all-time!
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