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Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Iced Drinks Today

If the summer heat and long week before the start of the Perseid meteor shower have you feeling muzzy, there’s hope for you. Starbucks is running another of its occasional Happy Hour promotions that can land you a free drink today. (OK, there’s always hope, and coffee isn’t really that hard to find. Nonetheless!) On Thursday, August 8, the Tie Dye Frap slinging coffee chain is offering a big ol’ caffeine boost to push you through the afternoon slump. This Happy Hour will land you buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) iced drinks, size grande or larger, after 2 pm local time.

According to a company spokesperson, these promotions often start at 3 pm, but it’s worth noting that this week’s deal starts an hour earlier. As always, the Happy Hour promotion is only available at participating locations, so check ahead before you waste your afternoon break going somewhere that isn’t dishing up a freebie with your afternoon coffee. The promotion of iced drinks includes cold brew, iced coffee, iced espresso drinks, Starbucks Refreshers, iced tea, and specialties like the Cloud Macchiato.

Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Iced Drinks Today 1

Here’s how to get the deal: Download the Starbucks mobile app. When you open it up, the offer will be hanging around in the in-app inbox. You do not have to be a rewards member to take advantage of the promotion, though you do get points toward more free drinks if you’re a member. Downloading the app and signing up for the rewards program is free, less any personal information you share with the company. You can no longer get the Happy Hour offers via email without the app.

This is a perfect time to pay back that coworker who covered for you when you slunk off early on a Friday this summer. Quentin Tarantino is not shy about working his fetishes into his films (see foot fetish or his controversial treatment of women). It appears that the auteur also has a compulsion for cocktails. For example, Django Unchained famously featured a Polynesian Pearl Diver. In QT’s latest offering, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the drink references are abundant, befitting the 1969 setting. Here, we break them all down for you.

In an opening scene, Brad Pitt (playing stuntman Cliff Booth) and Leonardo DiCaprio (playing actor Rick Dalton) visit the bar at Musso and Frank Grill. The LA icon is officially described as a “New York-style bar and grill,” but the establishment is all LA. The venue’s list of regulars spans the gamut from Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and Greta Garbo to Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney. Most regulars at Musso and Frank come for the Martinis (2.5oz. Gin, .5oz. Vermouth masterfully mixed by the legendary Ruben Rueda until 2017).

However, in the film, Pitt opts for a ginormous Bloody Mary. (A hangover would be in character.) Bottles of Tabasco and Worcester Sauce remind us that the drink is made from scratch- no Zing-Zang here. In the meantime, DiCaprio slurps down an unidentifiable semi-opaque concoction served on the rocks with a cherry. Soon, we meet Maury Schwarz, an agent played by Al Pacino. We learn that his wife prefers to drink Mint Juleps in his screening room while he likes Cognac on the rocks. We’re fairly certain that the bottle he chose is Hennessy XO. Lest you suspect that Shwarz is free-pouring his cocktails, the production designers make a point of including a jigger in the shot. Solid.

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