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Popular Yoga Pose

MONDAY PUZZLE — This is a first-rate puzzle to limber up for the relaxation of the fixing week. Tracy Gray poses an enigma that bends over backward to entertain us yet stretches our … O.K., enough with the yoga jokes. Let’s overcome this one.

Tricky Clues

5A: Talk about wheelhouses. I knew this due to the fact I stay in an ancient residence. This is present process upkeep,” a term that could be a euphemism for making huge holes within the partitions. LATH are strips of timber that keep the plasterwork on a wall in the vicinity. 31A: Of route, NEWTS are “semiaquatic salamanders.” But they may constantly job my memory of witches: 42A: “Littlest ones in litters” are RUNTS. Should we take into account this extra subject material? 48A: This is an amazing instance of the distinction between Monday cluing

Popular Yoga Pose 1

Later-week cluing. In this puzzle, we have a clue “Plural ‘is’” for ARE. That’s approximate as directly-from-the-dictionary as it gets. Compare that to “Were gift?” or “Updated artwork?” or even “To be for you?” and you could see how cluing adjustments during the week. 72A: Get to realize your water swirls. The phrase EDDY has been in the New York Times Crossword a complete of 342 times.

Today’s Theme

The lengthy Down entries are terms that give up with a dog breed, even though they imply something else inside the context of the base word. For instance, the answer to the clue at three-D, “Air-punching pugilist,” is SHADOW BOXER. Similarly, at 9D, the answer to the clue “Place with beakers and Bunsen burners” is CHEMISTRY LAB, the Labrador retriever. Ms. Gray ties her subject together with the revealer DOWNWARD DOG, the yoga pose.

Constructor Notes

After looking at the Westminster Dog Show in February 2018, my crossword subject thoughts straight away started going to the puppies. I had a puzzle published in another venue with the title “Top Dogs” — down terms that started with a dog breed — after which I came upon the phrase “Downward Dog,” which I concept might be fun as the revealer for another puzzle, with Down entries finishing with a canine breed.

My first grid included “GOOGLE DOODLE,” which became rejected because the editors did now not suppose that “Doodle” was a well-known breed on its personal (in place of, say, “Goldendoodle” or “Labradoodle”), so I remodeled the grid. The puzzle was frequent in October 2018. With the canine days of the summer season upon us, I assume today’s ebook timing is just perfect. I hope you revel in it!

The Tipping Point

Almost completed solving; however, need a bit extra help? We’ve got you included.

I need to save you others from feeling the discouragement I felt at times to expose the myths and propaganda perpetrated by using the smog and industries that have over-business-fied yoga. Many properly, which means practitioners earnestly accept as true those myths and perpetuate them, further exacerbating the problem. You may also have particular motives and wants to discover yoga, and each one’s direction is the character. But if any of the myths underneath dissuaded you inside the past, possibly you can now return to what is your rightful vicinity within the international of yoga.

Myths That Discourage the General Population From Practicing Yoga

Paying for Yoga–I believe in strength alternate and compensation for any items and services. But you have to be capable of exercising yoga even if you cannot have the funds for it. Some studios assist you in paying what you can as long as you may supply something with honor and within your manner, you may have got the right of entry to their yoga studio. This arrangement obviously works better than paying sky-high expenses. It is also feasible to be a solitary practitioner. You can exercise by way of yourself using various assets available, and a few are indexed below. When your circumstances exchange, you may then pick out to try a studio that charges

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