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Rockville rub down parlor busted for jogging ‘house of prostitution,’ girl proprietor charged

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — A 4-month undercover police research, which depended on a GPS tracker and interviews with 60 men, caused the closure of a rubdown parlor located near Montgomery College. Business owner Emily Zhang Lawrence, 47, of the 18900 blocks of Birdseye Drive in Germantown, is charged with criminal counts such as human trafficking and prostitution.

Rockville rub down parlor busted for jogging 'house of prostitution,' girl proprietor charged 1


In February, the Montgomery County Police Department’s Vice and Intelligence Unit obtained an online tip alleging Rose’s Spa turned into supplying sexual offerings to male clients. The tipster further claimed that the spa recruited its masseuses — all Chinese immigrants — from Flushing, New York. The Queens neighborhood is known for being a hub for the human trafficking of Asian ladies, police notice. Two days after receiving the web tip, undercover detectives camped out of doors of Rose’s Spa, positioned at 15912 Frederick Road.

The detectives watched as a maroon Honda Odyssey minivan pulled into the parking zone. A female driver and six woman passengers exited the car and entered the spa. Investigators ran the minivan’s license plate quantity, which produced Zhang Lawrence’s name. They then entered the 47-12 months-old in the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) database. They located she owned numerous residential properties in 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein County, consisting of an apartment placed at 19517 Gunners Branch Road in Germantown.

In mid-March, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Sharon Burrell permitted a seek warrant, permitting law enforcement officials to area a GPS tracker on Zhang Lawrence’s Honda Odyssey. Police say the digital tool showed a clean, each-day sample. Zhang Lawrence might reportedly leave her Germantown home every morning, stop on the condo on Gunners Branch Road, and force to the spa in Rockville. Zhang Lawrence accomplished that habitual opposite every night after the spa closed at nine p.M. Police allege the rental along Gunners Branch.

The road served as a dormitory for the trafficked Chinese girls. In tandem with the GPS evaluation, vice detectives stopped around 60 male clients as they departed Rose’s Spa between March 1 and July 19. Eighteen of those guys admitted to procuring “some illicit intercourse act.” The good-sized majority of those candid clients confessed to seeing and/or paying Zhang Lawrence the “rub down charge.

“The spa is posing as an ordinary commercial enterprise however appearing as a ‘house of prostitution,'” police wrote in court files acquired by way of ABC7. “Emily Zhang Lawrence collects cash for those illicit acts at the same time as proudly owning/working the spa. She has supplied accommodations and transportation for the people, possibly victims of human trafficking, who are committing the ones illicit intercourse acts, for the research. Zhang Lawrence additionally uses the condominium unit at Gunners Branch Road, which she very own, to harbor the Asian lady workers at the spa.

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