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23yo Fast Food Restaurant Staff Forces 7yo Child to Rub His Genitals Using His Foot

A 7-year-old boy turned into said to have been sexually abused via a fast food eating place workforce on eight August around nine:30 pm. According to China Press, the 23-12 months-old suspect tricked the negative boy into coming into the restaurant washroom, and he advised the boy to touch his penis by using the boy’s leg. Apparently, the victim went to the washroom to scrub his fingers, and the suspect attacked him by pulling his hand from at the back of, tugging him into the toilet cubicle, and locking the door.

The guy then advised the kid to apply his leg to rub his penis over the pants. Well, it doesn’t depend if it’s over the pants or now not; the act itself is wrong on so many levels. While the suspect admitted to his acts, he stated that he in no way took off his pants or the child’s pants during the act. He additionally alleged that he did not contact the child sexually. After 3 mins of literal hell, only did the suspect set the boy loose, and he exited the washroom 10 mins later.

23yo Fast Food Restaurant Staff Forces 7yo Child to Rub His Genitals Using His Foot 1

The negative boy then went crying to his mom, and the boy’s step-father proceeded to lodge a police record against the restaurant body of workers. Shah Alam district police leader Assistant Commissioner, Baharudin Mat Taib, stated that the police checked the CCTV photos that turned into recorded within the eating place. It became shown that the suspect followed the child into the washroom. However, the CCTV could not capture what came about the instant they entered the bathroom cubicle.

The suspect changed into remanded till 14 August for the police to perform investigations.

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