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CK Birla Hospital for Women to make investments up to Rs 1,000 cr

CK Birla Hospital for Women to make investments as much as Rs 1,000 cr, add 14 hospitals by the end of 2025 NEW DELHI: Healthcare provider CK Birla Hospital for Women is making plans to make investments up to Rs 1,000 crore to feature around 14 extra hospitals under the brand across us of a through the cease of 2025, founder Avanti Birla has stated. The employer currently has one 75-bed multi-specialty clinic focusing on healthcare gadgets for ladies in Gurugram. We are seeking to upload around 14 hospitals with the aid of 2025 throughout the united states. The investment in this would be as much as Rs 1,000 crore. All those hospitals may be within a similar layout of our Gurugram clinic,” stated Birla.

CK Birla Hospital for Women to make investments up to Rs 1,000 cr 1

All the hospitals will have around seventy-five to eighty beds every. The enterprise can combine 1 four hundred to at least 500 beds in total, she delivered. On the possible locations of the upcoming hospitals, Birla stated, “These hospitals may be in metros, tier 1 towns, and smaller towns that we are comparing. We are looking at specific assets of investment. Right now, we’re often privately funded. Still, going forward, it’ll be a combination of investment from the group, inner accruals, and we can additionally tap external resources,” Birla stated, while asked approximately how the employer plans to fund the enlargement.

Highlighting that India has a great demand for healthcare and bridging the gap between the call for and delivery is a challenge. She stated that all healthcare companies are making efforts in that direction. About the want for the hospitals for women, Birla said, “There is a large need in India for hospitals focusing on women as they may be underneath-served, and that is what riding us to set up those hospitals.

There is a wonderful recognition on imparting first-rate healthcare for girls, and the whole clinical and service proposition is constructed around that. Having constructed what is right for women additionally serves the guys as properly,” stated Akshat Seth, COO, CK Birla Hospital for Women. The hospitals are seeking to supply global standards of clinical excellence, he delivered. CK Birla Hospital for Women is part of the C K Birla Group. The Group has hobbies throughout the era, car, infrastructure, home and construction, healthcare, and education.

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