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Jeffrey Epstein hired a university student for erotic massages.

In 2003, a young college pupil changed into recruited to reply phones and run errands for financier Jeffrey Epstein in Palm Beach. The process turned into an awful lot more, inclusive of massages for Epstein and a referral to rub down as a minimum one billionaire couple, in step with a police document from January 2006. The massages for Epstein, she advised police, became sexual. Throughout the Palm Beach Police Department’s research into the now-disgraced intercourse offender, which ended in a secretive 2008 plea deal, investigators spoke with Johanna Sjoberg. Her story gives a window into how Epstein’s community functioned, from the way he located women and women to service his desires to how a number of them related along with his wealthy and well-known friends.

On a referral from Epstein, as an instance, Sjoberg gave at least one rub down to Glenn and Eva Dubin, the billionaire couple with longtime ties to Epstein that they now say they remorse. At Epstein’s recommendation, the Dubin’s patronage of a masseuse who had given him erotic massages has now not been formerly mentioned. She gave a declaration to police in 2006 and later spoke to the Daily Mail in 2007, and Business Insider has shown info of her tale. A legal professional for Epstein did not respond to a request for comment.

Jeffrey Epstein hired a university student for erotic massages. 1

Now a hair stylist, Sjoberg informed police she met Epstein in 2003, while she changed into 23, according to the 2006 document. She said she become approached at the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University, the personal Christian university she attended, by using longtime Epstein buddy Ghislaine Maxwell, who became looking for assistants for Epstein’s Palm Beach house.

Sjoberg took the component-time job and started presenting massages to Epstein before obtaining her massage therapy license, which public records suggest changed into issued in November 2003. She also massaged Epstein paramour Nadia Marcinkova and his assistant Sarah Kellen, consistent with the police assertion. She advised police that Epstein turned a number of the massages into sexual encounters:

Sjoberg explained that Epstein never exposed himself to her. e would coach her to rub his nipples as he masturbated himself. [She] stated she felt ‘grossed’ approximately the conduct; however, she just endured as she turned into getting paid. [She] additionally cautioned she would now and again perform the massages naked. Epstein could often utilize the vibrator/massager on her vagina area when she completed the massages. Epstein paid her and “took care of” her university lessons, similarly to renting a vehicle for her every week, in line with the police statement. She later advised the Daily Mail that Epstein also included the down fee on her home and paid for her to become a masseuse and hairstylist. (She instructed the Daily Mail that she met Epstein in 2001, while she turned 21 -two years earlier than in her account to police investigators.)

Nothing inappropriate is being alleged.

Epstein referred Sjoberg to a minimum of one more client; she instructed the Palm Beach police in January 2006. Epstein also recommended her to some other client who is living at Breakers Row in the Palm Beach area,” the police report of her interview says. “The client she becomes cited turned into ‘Glenn’ unknown final call, and his wife, who she provided massages to [sic]. Business Insider has confirmed that the Glenn mentioned inside the announcement changed into Glenn Dubin, who had a residence with a Breakers Row cope with until 2012, in line with public facts. Sjoberg gave Dubin and his wife at the least one rub down.

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