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Home treatments for lice: Effectiveness and prevention

There are numerous home treatments that people declare can deal with head lice, but there’s a lack of clinical evidence to expose that those treatments are powerful and safe.
Research into a lot of these remedies has produced inconclusive results. Scientists have frequently located that domestic treatments for lice do not work and might not meet protection requirements

It is vital for people considering those treatments to talk with a medical doctor, overview the evidence, and weigh up the advantages and dangers of at-home remedy.
Although medical doctors preserve to debate the consequences of domestic treatments for lice, they agree that someone can take nonmedical measures to lessen the unfold of lice and prevent them from returning.
6 domestic treatments for lice

Lice are tiny insects that feed on human blood. Adult lice measure 2–three millimeters in duration and lay their eggs on hair, close to the pores and skin.
They can infest pubic hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, even though they maximum normally live inside the hair on the top.
As lice lay eggs that hatch fast, an infestation can build up hastily. Killing lice requires the removal of both the bugs and their eggs. If a person uses a remedy that does not kill the eggs, they will want to copy it once the eggs have hatched.
Many human beings accept as true with that home treatments can kill lice, eggs, or both. Below, learn about these remedies, in addition to whilst to are looking for medical treatment and a way to save you lice from spreading.
1. Anise oil
Anise oil may additionally coat and suffocate lice. A 2018 take a look at of herbal remedies for lice in kids determined that anise oil turned into one of the most effective herbal remedies.
Although different natural remedies had been often effective, anise oil changed into one of just two that completely removed lice. People who used different herbal treatments generally reported reinfestations within more than one months.
People seeking to buy anise oil can locate it in fitness food shops and on-line.
2. Olive oil
Olive oil offers similar advantages to anise oil, probably suffocating lice and stopping them from coming again. Like anise oil, it ranked a few of the most effective treatments within the same 2018 observe. People who need a extraordinarily powerful home cure need to recall the usage of olive oil and anise oil together.
Olive oil might also have other advantages for the hair and scalp. Learn greater right here.
Olive oil is to be had to purchase in lots of grocery stores and on-line.
Three. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a famous treatment for dry skin and hair.
The researchers at the back of a 2010 look at in Brazil explored the outcomes of numerous herbal head lice treatments and compared the effects with the ones of over the counter (OTC) treatments.
Of the tested remedies, the team discovered that natural coconut oil became the handiest powerful treatment. Within four hours of making use of the oil, an average of 80% of the head lice were dead.
The two only medicated shampoos killed ninety seven.Nine% and ninety.2% of lice in the identical duration.
People can purchase coconut oil in many health meals shops and on-line.
4. Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is a popular home remedy for lots skin conditions because of its antimicrobial residences.
In a 2010 have a look at, researchers measured the results of a tea tree and lavender oil combination on head lice in 42 human beings. After three remedies at weekly periods, 41of the contributors no longer had head lice. This success fee is comparable to that of many prescription and OTC remedies.
However, other studies assessing tea tree oil as a remedy for head lice has located the remedy to be much less powerful. Also, tea tree oil can sometimes worsen the pores and skin and may cause a rash or itchiness.
Learn greater approximately the capacity fitness blessings of tea tree oil right here. This product is available for buy in some pharmacies, fitness meals shops, and on line.

5. Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly can also kill lice by suffocating the insects and possibly their eggs.
Petroleum jelly may be greasy and messy, and disposing of it could require repeated washings. However, for people with treatment-resistant lice or an allergy to lice shampoos, it could be an powerful alternative.
Petroleum jelly is available for purchase in drugstores and online.
6. Mayonnaise
The United States model of the tv series “The Office” may have popularized the usage of mayonnaise to deal with lice.
Proponents claim that mayonnaise smothers lice and makes it less complicated for a person to brush them from the hair. Some humans additionally say that mayonnaise can ease the itching and scalp infection that lice reason.
There is no proof that mayonnaise can kill or treat lice. While this home remedy is probably harmless, it is in all likelihood to be messy and inconvenient.

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