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This Jerky is Made of Mushrooms. Does That Mean It’s Good For You?

There is an ever-growing quantity of packaged merchandise—all advertised to folks who don’t have loads of time to do the mathematics on nutrients facts panels carefully. (So if there are 280 energy consistent with serving, and the bag says there are approximately 4 1/2 servings consistent with the bag, then…) So you take hold of something that looks relatively excellent and also properly-for-you. But then later, you are taking a better appearance and marvel: “Is this even wholesome? Take jerky. What if you like the complete jerky concept but aren’t loopy approximately beef…or turkey or salmon jerky? Enter mushroom jerky, an alternative to vegetarians get in on the chewy (however now not sweet) packaged snack sport. There are various manufacturers accessible; I attempted the Shrooms brand, which had been advocated with the aid of a friend who loves them. How they fared:

This Jerky is Made of Mushrooms. Does That Mean It’s Good For You? 1

The Nutrition: 50 calories in line with a serving (approximately 3 servings in line with bag), 2 g protein, eleven g carbs (1 g fiber, 9 g sugar), 0 g fats. The Ingredients: mushrooms, brown sugar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), apple cider vinegar, paprika, natural hickory smoke taste, celery juice powder, onion powder, ginger powder.

Is This Good?

Taste: The flavor is smoky jerky, not mushrooms, to my surprise. Not a bad surprise, just a surprise. (They have other flavors, inclusive of honey-chipotle and roasted teriyaki.) Texture: Smooth! Not pull-your-teeth-out, leathery jerky. This has the nice, toothsome texture of dried (however now not dehydrated) apple slices. It feels massive as a snack without the chewing attempt of meat jerky, which could every so often make you marvel whether or not a rawhide dog bone was given caught in the wrong package. Aftertaste: Onion powder quite a good deal wrecks my day—tastes reasonably-priced, oniony, and sticks around—however, these ought to include little enough that it doesn’t overpower or linger.

Is This Even Healthy?

I become playing the taste. The low calories. The reality that it’s greens. And then I talked to Abby Langer, R.D., a dietitian primarily based in Toronto, and allow’s say I closed the bag quite speedy. Nutrition-clever, I became a bit bowled over by way of the quantity of sugar on this jerky. Nine grams per ounce, even within the authentic taste, is pretty lots. Even even though many red meat jerkies have sugar in them, they typically have much less,” she says. Some have 6 g; Jack Links has a 0-sugar option (now not beneficial to vegetarians, we realize). Also a bit unexpected,” she keeps.

The mushroom jerky has celery juice powder in all three flavors, that’s a ‘herbal’ source of nitrites that our bodies still method as chemical nitrates, meaning it is now not any higher for us.” Drat. But earlier than you shrink back from Shrooms altogether, permit’s take a quick detour: Shrooms also have what they name crisps—they’re crunchy mushroom pieces that are the type of like three-d potato chips without all the grease. They contain the most effective mushrooms, canola oil, and maltodextrin (and only 2 g sugar in step with serving). They cross down like popcorn, however, being so light and crispy. Unfortunately, they aren’t as gratifying as the jerky.

Final Verdict

Unless you’re vegan, there aren’t quite a few upsides to choosing this jerky. It’s excessive in sugar, still has nitrates, and it’s low in protein, with 2 grams in step with ounce as opposed to eleven grams in keeping with an ounce in the beef version,” Langer says. But I still assume those are beneficial, occasional hassle-solver snacks. The pouches are splendid tour-pleasant, and I ought to see myself placing these in a convey-on to meet any mid-flight munchies. And they’ll keep in a table drawer for the one’s nights while you work late and want a nosh; however, now not so late you need to consume your whole dinner at your table (can not do this with real mushrooms). So I’m gonna go with the eighty/20 rule right here—consume properly 80 percent of the time—and put those within the other 20.

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