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Utah insurance organisation hosts automobile show for advantage of mental fitness sanatorium

Independent Utah insurance enterprise, Heiner’s Insurance Center, hosted a car display ultimate week for the advantage of a neighborhood intellectual fitness sanatorium.

The insurer held its fourth annual “Cruisin’ for a Cause” in Ogden, Utah for the gain Family Counseling Service of Northern Utah. Sponsored via Auto-Owner’s Insurance, the display fAt least 19 people were killed and 30 others injured in an explosion outside Egypt’s National Cancer Institute in central Cairo, Egypt’s health ministry said early on Monday.

The interior ministry said one car was speeding and collided with the others, causing the explosion late on Sunday.

But why the crash caused such a large explosion was not immediately clear. It also was not clear if the casualties were all from the vehicles.

Videos posted online showed fire tenders trying to control a massive fire that damaged several cars.

The cancer treatment facility was evacuated after the crash, which happened near the famed Tahrir Square.

Bank security worker Abdel-Rahman Mohamed said, “We heard an explosion and … the bank entrance glass was shattered everywhere.”

The bank is at the opposite side of the hospital.

The health ministry said the injured people were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Egypt’s public prosecutor is investigating the cause of the incident, sources told Reuters news agency. There was no official statement indicating that the explosion was an attack.

Sources told Al Jazeera that a team of prosecutors, criminal laboratory and bomb experts has arrived at the scene of the explosion.

Road accidents are common in Egypt. The country’s official statistics agency says 8,000 crashes last year caused more than 3,000 deaths and 12,000 injuries.

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies

Middle Easteatured vintage and classic vehicles, as well as numerous Hollywood film cars.

“Heiner’s Insurance Center has had a totally lengthy courting with Family Counseling Service, and we desired a good way to give lower back to them,” the organization stated in a statement. “In a time where mental health troubles appear to be increasing in severity, particularly in colleges, we sense that is a worth motive to support.”

“Year-after-12 months, we’re ecstatic to look the network come together at a automobile show that benefits a terrific motive,” stated Chris Heiner, vice chairman of Heiner’s Insurance Centre. “We love seeing the look on faces of every age once they see a automobile they apprehend. It’s like catching a glimpse of a superstar.”g

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