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Why Bob Harper is Hosting “The Biggest Loser” in 2020

When The Biggest Loser came again to TV in 2020, this time on USA Network, Bob Harper can be its host, as he changed into the last season of the famous weight loss fact show in 2016. This time, the display guarantees to be one of a kind—different trainers, specific docs, and a unique approach, including a focus on “aftercare,” which means assist whilst the display is over. “When I heard approximately the reboot, I thought it changed into a great fit,” says Harper, 53, who was a teacher at the show for 16 seasons earlier than becoming the host. “I sense like I recognize The Biggest Loser contestants more than I ever have,” he instructed Men’s Health.

Why Bob Harper is Hosting "The Biggest Loser" in 2020 1

When I suffered my coronary heart assault greater than years in the past, I became having to start again at square one,” Harper said. He became doing a CrossFit workout in February 2017 and awoke in the health center two days later to discover he’d now not handiest had a heart attack but went into cardiac arrest. “I turned into dead on that floor for several mins,” he said. “After that, I couldn’t stroll a town block without feeling winded.” (Check out his exercise routine nowadays.) While he’s now not at liberty to discuss precisely how the new show can be exceptional, he says there could be a larger awareness of health. So what’s wellbeing?

That time period receives thrown around loads,” Harper stated, “but I desire human beings attach a which means to that word that has to do with now not only taking care of your self bodily, however additionally with additives like how you manipulate your pressure and what you say to your self. Harper doesn’t declare it’s smooth. “Change is difficult in any way or capability. I turned into so used to doing the whole lot a certain way earlier than my coronary heart assault, and after I had to rethink the whole lot, all the guidelines modified and my antique exercises needed to be thrown out,” he stated. “I actually have always been a control freak—I like to say control enthusiast—and once I suffered my coronary heart attack, I realized I needed to relinquish control and be inclined and open and sincere.

With myself. It’s been something that has been a method.” One that incorporates any change, he stated.
After his heart assault, Harper became a bare one-of-a-kind kind of informal trainer. For the past yr, he’s been operating with AstraZeneca-subsidized Survivors Have Heart, meeting with small companies of heart attack survivors approximately their stories and the way they’re all transferring on.

In current years, The Biggest Loser got here beneath attack for severa reasons, consisting of research in the journal Obesity about beyond contestants who not best-received weight again, but had been additionally determined to have slower metabolisms than when they commenced. “I assume that weight reduction is exquisitely debatable,” said Harper. “And it’s something that never has a finish line. A lot of human beings want there to be one. However, there isn’t one.” Which he sees as more of a regular assignment than a problem.

It’s all about figuring out the way to get over the hurdle of pressure on any given day, whether or not it’s handling food, exercising, and weight, or a heart that wasn’t as wholesome as you thought. “Two and a 1/2 years ago, I became in a CrossFit health club one minute and woke up two days later in a hospital. In my career, I’ve tried to do some rights for human beings. I’m going to do the whole thing in my strength to take benefit of this second threat.

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