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5 Refreshing And Rejuvenating Fizzy Drinks You Can Make At Home

Nothing quenches thirst like a bubbly cold beverage on a hot summer day. It provides a welcome change from regular water when we crave something different to guzzle on. There’s something about soda water-based drinks that lifts our mood instantly and provides a large bout of refreshment that is much needed to wade through the searing climate. Soda water can be combined with other foods, syrups, and spices to make n number of concoctions for a refreshing and pleasing summer beverage. The bubbly sensation from the acidic soda adds a pleasurable element to the drinks it is added to. When blended with the right foods, you can make healthy and refreshing soda-based drinks and say goodbye to harmful cola/soft drinks.

5 Refreshing And Rejuvenating Fizzy Drinks You Can Make At Home 1

Speaking to Femail, dental hygienist Tabitha Acres has revealed that drinks with a pH of less than seven won’t be doing our smile any favors. This includes juice, which the Australian expert reveals can contain more sugar than a can of soft drink. She recommends trying to consume real fruit instead and treating trendy smoothie bowls with caution. Another drink nutritionists often suggest we start our day with is lemon water. However, Acres points out

That lemons have a worryingly low pH, which could cause irreversible enamel erosion if chopped up and consumed in a drink. She says their acidity is comparable with battery acid, which can strip the enamel, causing teeth to be sensitive and more susceptible to decay. Flavored waters, energy drinks, and sports drinks frequently come with high sugar content and a low pH that we should be steering well clear of. Unfortunately, both red and white wines have a low pH – but the former is slightly less acidic. Acres says that if you’re having a glass of Pinot Noir on a special occasion, make sure you adhere to a simple trick to avoid that dreaded red wine smile.

The best way to avoid a red smile is to ensure your teeth are plaque-free,” she explains.

Routine cleanings with your dentist/hygienist in conjunction with good at-home oral care are sure-fire ways to keep your teeth sparkling. When you know you’ll be drinking red wine, try to brush no more than an hour before, as brushing too close to picking up a glass can alter the taste, and no one wants that. Yesterday, we told you how a mum has claimed Superdrug’s £4 body mist smells exactly like Thierry Mugler’s £95 Alien perfume. We also revealed how the GHD Glide brush that “broke the internet” after selling out in two weeks is now back in stock. And a teen was rushed to hospital with chemical burns and hair loss after dying her roots blonde with an at-home kit.

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