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Chris Harrison Gave Us the Scoop on Bachelor

It’s the most amazing time of the year! After two heavy seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, it is time to sit back, relax, and head on down to Mexico for a brand new season of Bachelor in Paradise. Season six, which premieres Monday night on ABC at eight/7c, guarantees the franchise’s first same-intercourse courting (subsequently!), the return of a person named John Paul Jones whose task title is “John Paul Jones,” and an entire lotta guy tears. This is to mention; it seems like an ideal television revel in.

“You come into the season, and it’s exciting as a producer, due to the fact you are no longer sure what you’re gonna get … It is just, ‘Well, let’s see what happens in Paradise!’ And inevitably, it just works—and it is out of the ordinary.
“I’m excited,” he delivered. “I feel like it’s Christmas morning, and every person gets to open their gift.

Chris Harrison Gave Us the Scoop on Bachelor 1

We requested Harrison all of the maximum burning questions about what went down in this Bachelor’s season in Paradise. Here’s what to get excited about. Blake, the candy, emotionally intelligent runner-up on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, turned into a “hot candidate and a warm commodity heading into Paradise,” Harrison said. Blake receives himself into big trouble along with his “love decagon” scenario. Indeed, inside the trailer for Season six, we see Blake canoodling with approximately 47 unique women, including Tayshia and Hannah G.—and some of the women appear to get disenchanted approximately.

This doesn’t make him a terrible character, but this tends to appear with men,” Harrison said. “Sometimes we consider our very own hype; we start studying the clicking—ingesting the Kool-aid—anything you [want to] call it. Our head receives a bit large, we start feeling ourselves, and we suppose we’re bulletproof. And maybe we forestall make the wisest selections, and we prevent being the gentlemen we’re, and we do stupid stuff, and I suppose that’s what he fell victim to.

The guys are devoted to their workout regimens—Clay, especially.

Because that is Men’s Health, we needed to understand approximately the guy’s workout exercises in Paradise. And apparently, Clay is a beast. [He was] operating out like nonstop,” Harrison said. “I suggest he brought this complete band system with him, and the whole time he changed into there if he wasn’t doing stuff, he was operating out with his bands hooked round timber, hooked across the seashore, hooked around whatever. He changed into just lifting, pushing, crunching, and curling.

As for the opposite guys?

Most of the guys exercise session, but then unavoidably, anyone type of would prevent and watch Clay due to the fact he was this kind of beast,” Harrison said. “But a number of the guys get a bit too aggressive—like Kevin sincerely got beyond jacked entering Paradise, and also you’re like, ‘Whoa, perhaps a touch an excessive amount of, perhaps dial it lower back a touch bit.

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