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Monopoly Money: Irish Teenagers Arrested For Trying to Pay for Drinks with Fake Currency

Two Irish teenagers were arrested for trying to pay for their drinks with Monopoly-style fake banknotes at a bar on the Spanish island of Majorca. The duo, both aged 18, were enjoying a night out Tuesday at a popular pub in Punta Ballena, Magaluf, when they noticed the fake money on the bar’s floor. The notes were marked not for payment and had been used by the bar as part of a promotion campaign; The Daily Star UK quoted local newspaper Ultima Hora as reporting. However, the teens, who were not identified by police, ignored the warning and tried to pay for their drinks using the fake banknotes.

A waitress who was serving the pair alerted the manager who called the police over.

After finding a huge amount of fake banknotes, colored photocopies were designed to look like Monopoly money, Ultima Hora reported. The duo was charged with “non-serious” fraud and presented before a judge who ordered checking at their hotel room. But “nothing else was found,” and the teens were released on bail on Thursday.

It wasn’t clear whether the teens had faced any further action.

In June, The Sun UK reported that “mafia” gangs targeted up to 100 drunk Brits a night with “bearhug” robberies in Magaluf. Eight people, aged between 20 and 36, were arrested amid a crackdown on muggings in the Calvia district. Authorities had said the gangs were using the “bear hug” technique or violent shoving to rob their victims. Working in pairs, one approaches a holidaymaker and gets them in a vice-like grip from behind while his accomplice steals possessions, including jewelry, mobile phones, wallets, and watches.

Another member of the group acts as a lookout,” according to The Sun report.

Recently, a five star hotel in Chandigarh became the victim of online trolling when actor Rahul Bose revealed that the hotel staff had charged him more than 400 bucks for two bananas. He had attached a screenshot of the bill, which then went viral. It turns out, JW Marriott isn’t the only hotel that is guilty of overcharging.  A Twitter user named Kartik Dhar took to the platform to share that he had been charged 1700 bucks for two boiled eggs. No, we aren’t kidding. He attached a screenshot of the bill, which clearly shows the amount charged for the boiled eggs by the Four Seasons hotel in Mumbai.

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